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Elsa, masseuse Cannes and surroundings.

Who is she?

Now located to « Montfleury », this firm massage is a spacious and Zen place.
Elsa, masseuse from Cannes, graduated from Vichy’s school, welcomes you with smile.
Her Californian with a blend of « ayurvedic  », has been refined over time and you’ll find very quickly that you are dealing with a true professional masseuse.

Sequence of massage: Mild at first with broad and enveloping movements, then the deeper muscles of the back to remove stress, comes back to the face and ends with new very soft movements. « Anti-stress massage », you’ll leave completly relaxed with intention to come back soon!

You can make an appointment few hours before.
From 8am to 10pm
Hours extended during the congress on request.


Elsa Massage Cannes - English


A Californian massage usually consists of four main actions, which are:
Stroking: first contact with the patient’s skin, touching is a long and gentle strokes allowing the essential oils to make contact with the body and penetrate.
Pétrissement: the skin is kneaded like bread dough focusing on the voltage nodes of the patient to bring out the stress and soothe.
Friction: circular compression to remove all forms and streamline the movement of all body fluids is applied.
Vibration: vibration hand massager can awaken the external and internal tissues of the patient and the surface of his skin reddens slightly dense this contact